Born in Tuscania (Italy) in 1990, Alessandro Sicioldr starts his training in his father’s studio, where he learns methods and materials of painting and drawing. He draws from Surrealism the irrationality and the exploration of the human psyche, while he takes the dreamlike dimension from Symbolism. For what concerns the use of colours, light and minute details, he is clearly inspired by Mannerism and Flemish painters. Sicioldr’s works represent his own interiority and subconscious. His paintings are immersed in an either contemplative or chaotic atmosphere, where out of time mysterious figures solemnly fill in the space, which is an undefined “somewhere else”, full of enigmas. What we cannot properly define and understand in words is skilfully imprinted on the canvas. This becomes the essential mean to tell the viewer about visions that would be indescribable otherwise. (Viviana Lipari)

La parola – 120x150cm – olio su lino
La maga – 70x90cm – olio su lino
La gigantessa 2 – 120x90cm – olio su lino
Sacerdotesse – 167x-122cm – oil on linen
The Whisper – 55×40 cm – oil on linen
The Wayfarer – 30x20cm – oil on linen
Discorso sottile – 40x50cm – oil on linen
Messaggero notturno – 45x40cm – oil on linen

Artist: Alessandro Sicioldr @alessandro_sicioldr e-mail: