A Vibrant Tapestry of Life: Capturing the Essence of Indian Winter.
Each image celebrates the spirit of Indian winter by capturing a split second in time. This photo story vividly depicts the diverse tapestry of human experiences throughout the Indian winter, from the spiritual holiness of Varanasi to the bustling river-sides of Delhi and the alluring streets of Kolkata.

This mesmerising visual narrative, which takes place in Varanasi, Delhi, and Kolkata, transports you into the enchanted world of Indian winter. A variety of human activities fill the frost-covered streets and river banks, bringing to life this special time of year.

“Faith” – A Hindu saint performs his daily morning prayers by the banks of river Ganga in Varanasi on a cold foggy winter morning; January 2023
“Flight” – Migratory seagulls from Siberia flock the skies together on top of Delhi’s Yamuna Ghat as a woman waves her yellow dupatta (scarf) unanimously to match the birds; December 2021
“Fire” – A roadside tea seller lights up his earthen stove, early in the morning, making necessary preparations for the day in Kolkata; December 2020.
“Funeral” – Two relatives of the person who has passed away (behind, covered in orange shroud) discuss the procedure of due cremation, at Manikarnika Ghat in Varanasi, early in the morning; January 2023.
“Family” – A family of three feeds the migratory seagulls from Siberia at Yamuna Ghat, Delhi, on a foggy winter morning; December 2022.

Ananya Das is a street and documentary photographer, who is the recipient of the winning award in Photography by the Ministry of Information & Cultural Affairs, Government of West Bengal in 2019. She is also the runner up at Women Street Photographers 2023 Annual Exhibition. Ananya is an educator, mentor & curator alongside of being a community lead and co-founder of an art & photography community in her hometown, Calcutta, for the last 7 years.

Photographer: Ananya Das @onnonaa