A Mother is often characterized with inner strength, patience and unconditional love. She is the epitome of all the emotions accumulated in a single form and shape. A mother’s love and sacrifices for her family can never be measured into any simple mathematical formulas; it is unimaginable and unattainable by others.
It is impossible to put into words about my feelings for my mother.
She is one of the strongest women I have seen in life. Before being a mother I see her as a woman of substance and perseverance.

Morning Puja
Quick Breakfast
Starting the Day with vermilion

My Photo story is about my mother and her daily life and how she selflessly looks after all of us with the same passion and compassion years after years. In this photo story I have captured my mother and her activities that she does each and every day tirelessly. The photographs are taken at different time of different days all depicting my mother’s every day routine.

Preparing Lunch
Lonely Lunch
Afternoon leisure

She is a 72 year old lady now but her Passion and love towards the family structure and her devotion towards our well being remained unaltered. She served in the Police Service for 35 years and retired as an Inspector of Police.  Her daily routine after retirement still remains unaltered. She wakes up early in the morning before everyone and goes to sleep after she completes her daily chores. Every day she follows the same chain of activities like, cooking, cleaning, washing etc sometimes ignoring her own health and happiness  without any complains and that’s what intrigued me the most behind building up this photo story on her and to showcase her strength, dignity and her consistent drive to keep the wheel of our family rolling. 

Evening at terrace
Evening tea
Washing utensils at night
Bedtime prayer

I dedicate this Photo story to all the mothers around the world who are the silent performers and always remain as the unsung heroes who are seldom acknowledged in their everyday lives.

Photographer: Debalina Bhatta @bhattadebalinadebalinabhatta/projects

Hi I am Debalina Bhatta and I am from Kolkata, West Bengal India. I love taking travel shots and the daily life of people. Documenting the emotions and activities of human life is what attracts me the most. 
I have completed my Graduation from Asutosh College Kolkata with Mass Communication and Journalism and later got my Masters Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Calcutta University with First class. I used to work as a freelance content writer earlier.
I never thought that I would be a photographer one day, in simple terms photography just happened to me. When I was very young probably in school I used to click with a small Sony point and shoot camera and that used to give me a sense of happiness. As I grew up I took up painting as a hobby and continued till I finished school which somehow enhanced my inclination towards arts. 
As it says, life is not a bed of roses which in literal meaning happened to me. Few years back I was going through a very rough phase in my life and probably the lowest phase of my life and then I was searching for a gateway for my emotions and existence. I enrolled myself to the Basic course of Photography in an institute named DUMDUM FOTOUNIT in Kolkata and later completed my 2 year Diploma course as well from there. So what seems just like a hobby grew into me an instrument of self expression when I started taking up the course. I fell in love with photography and wanted to do it for the rest of my life and this has build into my passion. After years of mental struggle I found my true self through photography as it acts as a catalyst for my mental peace. 
My first digital camera was a Canon 600D with 18-55 lenses, though I borrowed if from my brother. Later on I got a Canon 80 D with 18-135 lenses and still now continuing with it. Right now I have turned my passion into profession and working as an independent professional photographer. I have also completed a distinction of AFIP from Federation of Indian Photography (FIP). Some of my works has been published in Chiiz Magazine, UttarBanga Yearly Calendar 2019, 121clicks.com, PRIVATE Online magazine, Edge of Humanity Online Magazine and NatGeo Editor’s favorites.