This series of photographs, entitled ‘Strays’, is a tribute to the overlooked characters, voiceless spirits and unsung heroes that roam our island. The survivors, the resilient, the neglected ones. The guardians of the seafront, the self-appointed street monitors, the silent preachers of kindness. Human’s forgotten best friends, inherently loyal and perpetually hopeful. 

Hersley-Ven Casero is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Dumaguete City, Philippines. He received his BSC in Marketing and an Artist of the Year Award from Foundation University, and in 2018, the Negros Oriental Young Heroes Award in the field of Visual Arts. In 2019, Casero became the first Filipino to participate in the Chalk Hill Artist Residency program based in California USA, after they awarded him one of their limited spots as a sponsored artist.

Being born and raised in Dumaguete, the city has shaped Casero’s perspective as a visual artist and is the stage for many of his paintings and photographs. His works have been recognized and published in local, national and international publications and exhibitions. Recently, he has earned several international awards & recognitions for his photography, including Finalist by Street Photography International Awards 2022, Finalist by Eyeshot Open Call 2022, Finalist by Miami Street Photography Festival 2022, 2nd Prize & Finalist by the Italian Street Photography Awards 2022, ‘Category Winner of the Year’ by Muse Photography Awards 2021 and Silver Medal by Paris International Street Photography Awards 2020, to mention a few.

His long-term passion project is his “Catch a Moment” street photography series, in which he catches split-second snapshots of elements aligning in humorous and uncanny ways in everyday life.

Photographer: Hersley-Ven Casero