The artist was born in Kielce (Poland) in 1983. She graduated from the State High School of Fine Arts. Jacek Malczewski in Częstochowa (ceramics). She continued her education at the Jan Długosz Academy in Częstochowa (Faculty of Visual Communication), where she achieve her diploma in photography.

Her paintings are in private collections in many countries.

Shira – acrylic on canvas 70x70cm

In her works, she focuses on people, their emotions, fears and inner tears. The dominant elements are expression, mystery and darkness, which the artist breaks with a strong contrast, giving the works depth and strong character. The artist’s works are full of emotions and most of them have a title that speaks of a specific feeling. The predominance of simple forms and colours make the artist’s paintings very coherent. Iwona, in her paintings, shows the world of women in a very feminine, veiled and often (seemingly) subdued way. Contemporary women painted by her presented in magical but simbolic way.

She paints in acrylic technique. Most of the titles of her paintings speak of a specific feeling. She gave up on realism and perspective and focused on color, composition, simplicity.
In her paintings, she devotes a lot of attention to the creative process itself, centred around the search for a creative ‘ I ‘ in abstract forms.

Courage – acrylic on canvas 90x90cm
Prudence – acrylic on canvas 50x60cm

I grew up in the countryside. I’ve been painting since I can remember. I liked art, I surrounded myself with it. I inherited from my father a certain spatial sense and the ability to choose colors. I didn’t feel special or talented, but I decided to try my hand at art school. I moved to a big city and started exploring the world on my own.

Art has always interested me. I think I’ve always wanted to paint. Everything I did made me develop and become better and better, although I am still far from being a great artist.

Women are a reflection of me, my experiences and what is happening in my life. I also observe the world and all the stories that surround me. I gave up on realism and perspective. I focused on color, composition, simplicity.

Irony – acrylic on canvas 40x50cm

I like to work when it’s early in the morning. I paint at home. I created a good space in it where I can move freely. I like when the music is playing and I’m alone. I wish I had a studio where I could unleash my creativity more. The most important thing is to feel that painting is fun and develops. The most important is the process. First comes the idea. I often see a shape, a color combination, whatever, and it makes me start to see the whole picture in my head. I sketch my idea and try to give it final shape. Sometimes I paint a picture quickly, as if I’ve been carrying it in me for a long time. It also happens that before I get the expected effect, I paint for a long time, edit, finish and start again. I often have to put work off until later.

Femininity – acrylic on canvas 60x80cm

I am 40. I want to be more confident and believe that my art is important. I want to paint and create new things. So far, I have not exhausted the subject of women. I still want to paint them, but I also want to develop my technique.

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