Tomales, September 2022
The light was nice and the wind was not and I almost got swept off my bike coming around the turn like whitewater crashing into you from a wave that was never going to let you through, so I pulled over and took this photo because I’m afraid of heights and hate being on the bridge, but it looked cool and the view was nice and maybe you’ve seen this before and that’s okay.
September 2022
Malibu, June 2022
Here I stand at the edges. 
I race the sun into a shimmering sea. 
They’re usually just leaving by the time I arrive at the bottom of the canyon. From within chest high rubber waders, the fishermen pause. 
“It’s cold.” A warm smile. A tireless wind. A new ritual. A changing of the guard.
I see the current drags south, though I’d rather not go with it. Further down, yet. 
They say time moves more slowly at sea level. 
The wind seems to soften at the shoreline and I with it. I set my towel on a rock.
The cliffs, the sky, the day, my breath. Slowly now. We all collapse to the sea.
June 2022
Color, kind of.
February 2022

Jason Sutherland Hsu is a mixed-race Chinese-American photographer working between San Francisco and New York. Between commissions, he is currently working on a multi-year portrait project titled ‘Mixed Blood Project’ exploring mixed-race Asian experiences and identity consciousness.

Photographer: Jason Sutherland Hsu @jasonsutherlandhsu –