Few words about this photo series:
The women in the photo are members of the “Lifelover” community: a charity organisation for the senior, which brings back the love of life. They help older people find work, learn new things and get hot meals and medicines.

Valentina, 68 years old and Lyubov, 85 years old.

Lyubov went to her daughter in the United States when the war began, but soon returned home, despite the fact that the war continues. Throughout this photographies, Lyubov told me the story of her life and kept repeating “The war ruined such a beautiful old age”. And this is the second war in her life. As a child, she survived the Second World War.

Valentina did not leave the house even when the fighting was taking place nearby. It is unfortunate that people in their declining years have to endure such horror.

I admire these women, they still want to be and to feel beautiful, and of course they believe that life will still give them wonderful moments. The beauty makes the heart smiling.

Maria Konishevska

Photographer: Maria Konishevska @maria.konishevska.photo
MUA: @voevodina_anna