My name is Mathilde Rietsch, I am a 24 year-old Swiss photographer. After graduating from the Art School of Lausanne (ECAL) in graphic design in June 2022, I decided to devote myself entirely to my passion, photography. Inspired by the light and colours of the mountains, I enjoy going on adventures to capture the beauty of the high peaks. I share my work on my Instagram account @frihead (a play on the word with “free head”, and “frihed” which means “freedom” in Danish). This allows me to connect with other mountain enthusiasts from around the world and to be inspired by their work. As I do not have the opportunity to travel much for financial reasons but also because of my ecological concern, I take most of my pictures in Switzerland. Even if our country is very small, the variety of landscapes that one can observe makes sure I never get bored.

For me, mountains offer this sense of power and at the same time smallness and insignificance. They are majestic, frightening but paradoxically so attractive. Inspired by the romantic paintings of the 19th century, I strive to capture the sublime aspect of the peaks in my shots, and to offer poetic and captivating alpine views.

Photographer: Mathilde Rietsch @frihead