September 21, 2019, 10:09 

It is a cloudy day and I am on a train, we leave from Okayama to Chayamachi.
Walking trails, Cemeteries, Wild Lovers among the fields of Japanese perfection.
The door opened in front of me in Hayashima. 
I felt the air of the place on my skin and for a second, I speed up time, I’m jumping and running, smelling undergrowth and feeling it between my fingers.
One second later, the train continues its march. 

September 29 

Two white herons fly over everything green… 

October 9, 2019, 07:53

Today it was Hiroshima’s turn and I thought about John and Yoko.
I also got to know Miyajima, another island.
The ferry and the sea. The reflection of a tree. I thought of all those photographs. I thought blue. All blue.

Estefanía Brussa grew up in a town, in the interior of Córdoba, Argentina.
She’s a photographer.
She has participated in different spaces for reflection and academic training around the visual arts in Argentina, Chile and Spain.
Her work is developed mainly around the support of polaroid film.
She says: “The Polaroid film allowing me to explore the physical and emotional relationship with space and landscape, in a poetic and introspective search, experimenting with different techniques, materialities and body.”

Photographer: Estefi Brussa @estefibrussa