What do you want to tell with your fineart photos?

Passion fruit
Chili pepper

Why and how do you become a photographer?
I have been exposed to photography since the age of 18 from old compact cameras that Borrowed from an acquaintance, 1 year later (19 years old) with intense study for architecture, I saved money and seriously rented a semi-professionalcamera ( Canon 700D , Canon 50D ) from a friend to take the first pictures after stressful hours at school. To me at that time, the camera was of great value, so it made every shoot more precious to me. When I was 19 years old, I Thought I was brave enough to pursue photography when I couldn’t afford to buy my own camera. From a young age I have loved with painting and art. I love watching art shows. For me ,fashion is also art. After my early years of self-study in photography, at theage of 21 I started shooting fashion designs. I’m lucky because I study at the university of architecture, and fashion is part of the school curriculum. Sincethen, I have been exposed to fashion design and collaborated with fashion designers on later works. Architectureand Fashion have many similarities, I solve functional problems and reconcile with art. The projects I study about architecture include a lot of knowledge, research and implementation time takes up most of the day, which makes me fall into an unbalanced state of mood. So as soon as I found the opportunity to take fashion photos for students in the school, I was able to relax. For ease of visualization, you can imagine on one side the blocks of architecture and the other side as softness as the flow of fashion. They complement each other to help me balance.


What is the meaning of your project?
La Main De SaiGon by @chironduong is a “Meditation photography” studio in Viet Nam. Inspired by craft, flowers and still life photography.

THE REPLY (The Magic Whispers Of Plants)
The covid pandemic has left many consequences and posed important problems to human life. We stay at home more, have less contact with people, and public activities are limited. These things affect people’s mental health. Therefore, changing the way of living and adapting to the situation, learning about the deep connection between people and nature, learning to listen to their own body, observing the things around them is one of the most important things to do. measures that stabilize our mental health and help us realize the importance of nature in our lives. Over the past year, time at home due to quarantine has helped me turn to plant photography as a way to create my own happiness. From there I discovered the wonderful stories plants have told me. I do not choose to arrange these plants according to the composition, but I want each plant object in my works to both have their own identity and have a message of their own, sometimes far beyond my imagination. myself. I shoot from flowers available in the house to fruits and vegetables that I eat every day. They were present in front of me and made me feel like it would be a waste to skip this event. I relax my mind, open the door to welcome these special guests into my room. And of course in this conversation I am the one asking and listening to these plants. At the end of each of these special conversations, I was amazed and moved to see the pictures and messages from them. It could be a tough battle that the chili plant went through to face death, or the fictional spiritual story of the corn plant as it went through different reincarnations, or it could be a message about the environment and reminiscent of our planet. The plants in this series are almost metaphors for stories, going beyond their basic identity and conveying greater messages about the connection between plants and life, society, nature and environment, universe.

Chili pepper

Photographer: Chiron Duong @maindesaigon.localstudio @chironduong  https://www.chironduong.com