Into the landscape – history of an introspective trip

This series was born after a road trip along the Ring of Kerry in Ireland.
A dense fog concealing the horizon, particularly present in those days, became part of this trip.
Slowly driving along those roads, under a white light the gaze followed the outline of these gradually less defined lands.

The landscape could thus not be caught in the whole; it showed and concealed itself, at times near, at times far, in the rhythm of a slow breath.
These images, do not represent a simple visual documentation of the places crossed, but a journey through images that explores the intimate and personal relationship between the photographer and the landscape.

A visual journey that suggests a silent reflection between the observer and the landscape itself, in a dilated time, where the fog that conceals the horizon and makes it indefinite, leaves us with the possibility of going further.
By losing the measure and perception of the horizon, we realize the elusiveness of the landscape as a whole.
The resulting sense of loneliness and disorientation at times becomes the theme of an exploration that is as visual as it is introspective.

The contemplation of an undefined landscape through a seemingly aimless visual path accompanies the observer into a dimension as vast as it is intimate.
Beyond the horizon, the inner gaze can reach the infinite.

Photographer: Andrea Ceriani @andrea.ceriani

Andrea Ceriani is a professional landscape and architecture photographer, with a background as an architect that lives on in his gaze through attention to the composition of the image, the use of light and the sense of measure, understood as the fundamental relationship between the observer and the represented space.
Starting from drawing, during his academic career he identified photography as the most expressive language for him.
The places portrayed in the various scales, whether interior spaces, buildings or landscapes, become in his works the land of a slow and physical exploration, necessary to reach an image that suggests to the observer a dilated dimension of time. Photography thus becomes a precious tool of investigation, capable of capturing fragments of reality that silently reveal the intimate relationship between the photographer and the represented space.
He works individually on personal research projects and on assignment in collaboration with national and international architecture firms, designers and editorial offices, with publications in paper and web magazines.