Antonia Ferrer

There are artists who, through their simplicity, connect with the roots of tradition. They are what we could call intuitive artists, those who, like a dowser, are able to detect water underground, even in the most infertile desert. Antonia Ferrer is one of those artists: only with her hands, with clear and simple matter, as if it were only sand or light earth, she is able to connect with oriental painting -especially Korean and Japanese-, giving a flat surface the depth of a landscape, the remoteness of a sea, the darkness of a well.Ferrer is inspired by many sources: from Tapies ́ surfaces, to the Mediterranean, the light of its beaches. It seems an easy exercise, but in that false and impossible ease lies the quality and passion that her pieces generate. She is an artist at the onset of a path, a well-trodden path, but one in which, from the beginning, she has left her own very recognizable mark.

Artist: Antonia Ferrer @antoniaferrerstudio – Represented by Alzueta Gallery, Spain @alzueta_gallery

All paintings copyright Antonia Ferrer. REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED, means that the resale and reproduction, even partial, in any manner and form, of Antonia Ferrer’ paintings are prohibited. Anyone wishing to use the contents must have to ask in any case written authorization to Antonia Ferrer.

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