NEOQUE is a new Italian magazine about women. 

The attitude of NEOQUE is to inspire the sense of beauty and to suggest new perspective. 

NEOQUE is a new glance on women’s world, it has a feminine and elegant soul. 

NEOQUE celebrates women of all ages.


NEOQUE magazine is a new fashion media starring and targeting women over 40 years old. Its unique taste and search for elegance is inspiring and challenging the mainstream image of mature women.

For further details, information about the magazine and for collaborations,  please, email to hello@neoque.com


Founder and Creative Director
Paola Ghidotti

“About Women” Curator
Claudia Rabellino Becce

Accessories” Curator
Sophia Ippoliti

“A coffee with Cristina” Curator
Cristina Pagni

Architecture” Curator
Simone Bossi

Beauty Editor-At-Large
Riku Campo @rikucampobeauty

Book’s Club” Curator
Giuseppe Ligabue

Interior” Curator
Isabella Magnani

Italian Style” Curator
Maria Laura Berlinguer

Photographic Project” Curator
Mark Hanauer

Special Projects:
Creative Direction by Inga Savits
Styling by Johana Kouame
Beauty by Barbara Ciccognani

Well Being” Curator
Farah Liz Pallaro