Photographer: Nik Barte @nikbarte

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Mothers - Egypt, Sahara, 2014

desARTification: Desert Turned Into Art

desARTification is an ongoing art project spanning more than twenty years, driven by the visionary photographer Nik Barte’s profound love and respect for Mother Nature, particularly embodied in the Sahara Desert. The project’s fundamental concept is rooted in addressing urgent environmental issues such as desertification and climate crises while activating civilization’s emotional memory and sense of interconnectedness.




The Embrace - Egypt, Sahara, 2011

Nik Barte’s Artistic Journey and Mission

Nik Barte’s artistic approach is characterized by genuine rigor and spiritual depth. He explores nature with extensive study and meticulous attention to detail, seeking to perceive beyond the obvious and uncover deeper meanings. Barte’s transformative journey began with a profound experience in the Mojave Desert in 1993, sparking his lifelong dedication to desert photography and environmental advocacy and study of climate ghange effetcs.




The Angel's Rest - Egypt, Sahara, 2011

Origins and Purpose of desARTification project

desARTification emerges from Barte’s deep concern over human indifference towards environmental destruction. He embarked on expeditions in the Sahara Desert to capture its essence and convey timeless messages through photography. Barte’s photographs aim to activate civilization’s emotional memory and remind humanity of its interconnectedness with Earth.




Mother Nature's Fingerprint - Egypt, Sahara, 2011

Recovering Lost Consciousness through Art

The primary intention of desARTification is to recover humanity’s lost consciousness of interconnectedness and kindness towards each other and the planet. Barte emphasizes the importance of relearning how to love each other and regain awareness of our shared home, Earth, particularly when combating severe phenomena like desertification.




The Elephants - Egypt, Sahara, 2011

Art as a Catalyst for Change

desARTification represents a challenging effort to build bridges between individuals and souls using the language of beauty and art. It serves as a wake-up call to humanity, urging a transformative shift towards love, respect, and responsibility for the planet. Through timeless and uncontaminated aesthetics, desARTification seeks to heal and restore humanity’s relationship with nature.




Crescentic - Morocco, Sahara, 2018

If these images and project fascinated you, you may be interested to know that Nikbarte’s work can be freely viewed on his official website or browsed through the pages of his books and catalogues. His photographic work has been shown in personal and collective exhibitions. His photographic prints are available in two editions: exhibition prints and collectors’ prints, which include platinum-palladium prints.