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Neuendorf House

Neuendorf House @neuendorfhouse – Images by Renee Kemps for Neuendorf House 

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Hello Caroline and welcome to NEOQUE, thank you for your appreciation and participation. 

Thank you so much for your interest  in Neuendorfhouse.




First of all I would like to ask you, who Caroline is?

I am the daughter of an artist, growing up in the south of Germany. I married Hans Neuendorf who was at the time one of the most important art dealers, organizing the first Pop Art shows in Germany in 1962. He later founded ARTnet. I studied ArtHistory in Paris. Today I am taking care of Neuendorfhouse with an enormous amount of passion.




What does Neuendorf House represent for you? 

My husband and I fell in love with the work of John Pawson and Claudio Silvestrin in 1985, (at the time mainly  flats  in London,  that they converted according to their clean taste) before the term „minimalism“ even existed.  We commissioned them to built our house. It was the first house they built, also the only house they built together. We basically gave them Carte Blanche. The house was built as a family home for us and our 4 children. As we moved around a lot it became the center of our life, and still is today.




How does the architectural and stylistic choice reflect your own personality? 

The house radiates tranquillity and a serene feeling of peace. Although it seems so majestic and rigid, it has a very warm and embracing quality, which you feel immediately by entering the courtyard. Another fascinating aspect is the constant play of light and shadow throughout the day, as well as  the interaction of the surrounding unspoiled nature with the house.

It is a place which radiates a meditative quality, which especially today is of enormous value. Of course you are forced to become  an orderly human being, as any clutter disturbs the harmony. This can be at times quit challenging, as you almost feel the architects lurking in the corner, disapproving of the action going on…


Ah, I want to add a note: both architects only transformed flats into a minimal spaces in the beginning and had never built a house before ours.  





How do you feel when you are in Neuendorf House? 

I I am each time after 35 years fascinated when I arrive. I am also  recently more and more grateful that we were so daring and courageous to built this house at the time, which was a wonderful adventure. 

The clean and severe lines, the magical play of light and shadow, the enveloping colours and the overwhelming nature make this house a dream. This luxurious abode reflects island life in a contemporary way. What aspects do you love about it?

I just love the feeling of freedom and tranquility.  It is such a beautiful place to be with family and friends. The house  sits in 13 hectares of land, you are sheltered first by the house and then by its surrounding nature. 




Is there a corner that is particularly dear to you?

Many ! The roof at night when you are exposed to an immense sky full of stars. The terrace in the morning, overlooking the pool, with the reflections of the moving water on the surrounding walls. 

The possibility to watch a movie at night, transported on the wall of the courtyard by a beamer. Its like a big open air cinema with stars above you and the occasional plane… 

I could go on forever…




I want to say “hello” to all, we wait for you to Neuendorf House