Tiziana Dipietro

Tiziana Dipietro, lawyer by profession, photographer by passion. Raised in Cefalù, she now lives in Palermo, Sicily. Her love for photography began as a child, but it is as an adult that it acquires a new dimension.
Through the images of street photography, the artist tells stories, tells emotions, tells lives, the lives of his land, Sicily, a land that seduces and makes itself loved.
She has participated in several collective exhibitions; she collaborated with Letizia Battaglia on the “Palermo Bellissima” and “Fotografie per Ferlinghetti” projects and exhibited three times at the International Photography Center. The greatest success came with the personal exhibition “Silenzi dell’anima” which took place this summer at the Ottagono Santa Caterina in Cefalù and subsequently in Gangi, in which the photographer described the most hidden face of Sicily.

Photographer: Tiziana Dipietro @tittydipietro

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