Ileana Moro

Ileana Moro is a Cuban & Costa Rican visual artist, expresses her artistic vision – self taught through oil on linen, and others mediums. Lives and works in Antwerp. Her work encompasses ethereal and enigmatic semblance, often abstract in nature, while intentionally avoiding the human figure. Instead, she delves into transient, mystic, absurd and intellectual subjects. Recognized for its exploration of dark tones, her work aim to reveal the depths and layeers of human and the instinctive connection to the invisible realm. Evoking a strong sense of nostalgia. She believes that human beings are shaped through emotional expression, self-discovery, and the unfolding of the soul, both individually and within the collective sphere. She tries to produces unforeseen and fugitive effects of immense beauty and mystery – metaphorically transforming a base substance into introspection. The work appears to be struggling with embodimentnand disembodiment, alluding to the creation of matter and its inevitable sadness. She views shadows as powerful teachers, powerful dark omens. by Jose Castaneda 

Artist: Ileana Moro @ileanamoro_ , photos 1 and 5 @luisgarvan

All paintings copyright Ileana Moro. REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED, means that the resale and reproduction, even partial, in any manner and form, of Ileana Moro’ paintings are prohibited. Anyone wishing to use the contents must have to ask in any case written authorization to Ileana Moro.


ileana moro studio
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ileana moro studio
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