“You are like a land
No one ever uttered.
You wait for nothing
If not for the word
That will burst from the deep
Like a fruit among branches.
There’s wind that reaches you.
Dry and long-dead things
Encumber you and leave on the wind Ancient words and limbs.

You shiver in the summer.”
Cesare Pavese

Coat: Matka @__matka__
Dress, Trousers: Matka @__matka__, Earring: Lemaire @lemaire_official, Shoes: Repetto @repettoparis
Jumper: Sara Lanzi @saralanzi, Trouser: Valentina L Fontana @valentina_l_fontana, Shoes: Repetto @repettoparis
Shirt and Dress: Matka @__matka__, Earring: Lemaire @lemaire_official
Trench: Gabriela Coll Garments @gabrielacollgarments, Shoes: Repetto @repettoparis
Sweater and Dress: Sara Lanzi @saralanzi
Shirt and Dress: Matka @__matka__

Jacket: Gabriela Coll Garments @gabrielacollgarments, Bags: Matka @__matka__
Shirt: Matka @__matka__, Earring: Lemaire @lemaire_official
Trench: Munè @mune_ulm, Shoes: Repetto @repettoparis
Coat: Matka @__matka__, Earring: Lemaire @lemaire_official
Shirt, Dress, Trousers: Matka @__matka__, Shoes: Repetto @repettoparis

Photographer: Debora Pota @debora_pota –
Fashion Stylist: Alessandra Baracco @alessandra_baracco
Make up Artist and Hair Stylist: Giuditta Bedetti @judybedetti –
Model: Elisabetta Dessy @elisabettadessy
Model Agency: D’Management Group @dmanagementgroup –