Kevin Foote

Kevin Foote captures the strange and unusual lurking beneath the everyday, with richly textured portraits and sparse settings that suggest we are catching his subjects mid-narrative. While the often empty backgrounds allow the viewer’s imagination to fill in the scene, the nuanced glances of his subjects, and the out of place elements, all conveyed by Kevin with sparing brushstrokes, heavily suggest that the narratives we are glimpsing are surrealist and uncertain. Kevin studied fine art at Columbia College and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago before he moved to Austin, Texas, where he opened and operated the art community staple Birdhouse Gallery. Several years later, he decided to shutter the gallery and relocate to Madison, Wisconsin to be closer to his family and continue working as an independent artist.

Artist: Kevin Foote – Represented by Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo Norway

All paintings copyright Kevin Foote. REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED, means that the resale and reproduction, even partial, in any manner and form, of Kevin Foote’ paintings are prohibited. Anyone wishing to use the contents must have to ask in any case written authorization to Kevin Foote.

Kevin Foote
“Never Is a Promise” 20×30 in. – 51×77 cm
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Screenshot 2023-05-04 at 17.12.57

“Us” 20×30 in. – 50×75 cm  

“Range Life” 18×24 in. – 45×60 cm

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Screenshot 2023-05-04 at 17.00.04

“You’re Not Alone” 18×24 in. – 45×60 cm

“Prove It” 18×24 in.